Declarative References to Data

The following blog post by Phil Windley of Kynetx describes the concept of declarative references to data:

Basically, the idea is that with XRI and XDI, it is possible to reference any part of a global graph of data, in a location independent way and at any arbitrary depth.

A simple example would be:


This is a GLOBAL reference to Markus’ e-mail address. An alternative reference to the same data (using a persistent I-Number) would be:


Provided that the necessary XDI Link Contracts are in place, it is possible to resolve =markus to an XDI endpoint, and then – using XDI messaging – retrieve the +email$ attribute, which points to a specific point in my XDI graph.

The above example points to the following piece of XDI data (in XDI/JSON format):

    "=!91F2.8153.F600.AE24": {
        "+email$": ""

For more information on how to actually do this, see the following questions in our FAQ:

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