Oppression and Liberation with Social Networks

I wrote two articles and some other material about the role of social networking services in revolutionary movements such as those of the Arab Spring. While I have not been directly involved with such events, and have not done much original research, it was still interesting to get an overview.

There are many resources about the impact of modern ICTs on politics, but here are a few I can recommend:

Political, financial and academic resources are more and more being devoted to the research of technologies with the potential for political change, for example by the New America Foundation, which supports projects to build technology for a distributed, open-source telecommunications system, by the Massachussetts Institute Of Technology’s Center for Civic Media, which researches and invents “new technologies that support and foster civic media and political action”, by the European Commission’s No Disconnect Strategy, by Stanford’s Program on Liberation Technology, by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, or by the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society’s Internet & Democracy project, an initiative with an explicit focus on the Middle East.

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