FreedomBox at Unhosted Unconference 2013

The annual unconference of the Unhosted movement takes place in the Czech town of Unhošť. What better place and environment could one wish for for working on a free Internet project?

The basic idea of Unhosted is that one’s personal data should be kept separate from the applications that use it, and it should be possible to choose freely from a number of personal data storage providers, or even self-host. The synergy between Unhosted and the FreedomBox is obvious, and we have already described and demonstrated several times a possible architecture that would combine Unhosted, FreedomBox, and PageKite.

This time, in Unhošť, I basically continued working on this same idea, with more up-to-date versions of all the components. Specifically I managed to install the rs-serve component on a FreedomBox to provide the remoteStorage service. In addition to remoteStorage, a new component called Sockethub has emerged as part of the technological basis for unhosted web applications. This gives browser-based applications convenient access to social and messaging APIs that would normally require a server-side component.

See here for more notes from the event.

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